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Introducing the Visolux +

When using magnifiers, there are a few basic rules that govern what a given mag can do. For example, as a general rule, if you want a magnifier with higher magnification, you will have to sacrifice the field of view provided by that mag. This means that many mags are quite restricted when it comes to how much of a page you can see at once, for example. However, The Eschenbach Visolux+ breaks all the rules and provides a reading mag that has both a large field of view and high magnification.
Woman and child using Visolux + to read together
The Visolux + features 12 diopters (3x) of magnification. Typically, a 12 diopter lens will have a field of view of around 60mm in diameter. However, the Visolux + features a huge 100 x 75 mm field, which is a huge increase in field over typical 12 dioptre lenses. How is this even possible, you may ask. Well, the secret to the visolux + is that instead of one lens, it makes use of 2 lenses that work in perfect unison to achieve the impossible. This high-quality lens system has a working distance of 25cm, which allows for reading and working in comfort, rather than having to get up close and personal with your subject.
Visolux + - Large rectangular stand magnifying lens in white and black housing
But Eschenbach didn't stop there. Instead, they decided to throw a few more tricks in for even more usability. To make it even more comfortable to use, the Visolux+ is tilted to provide a more comfortable user experience. No need to hunch over when operating this mag, which takes so much strain off your neck and shoulders. Prolonged use therefore becomes much more relaxing.
In addition, the visolux + has 2 SMD LEDs to provide even, glare free illumination. These LEDs also have an integrated orange filter that can be switched in as needed to give a warm colour temperature.
All these features are put together in a beautiful modern design by Eschenbach that focuses on providing the best user experience.
To find out more about Eschenbach’s beautiful and brilliant visolux + give us a call on 03 8756 0900 or email us at

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