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Meet the team!

We’d like to introduce you to our team! We are a small, family business of just 4 people, so our personalities and quirks really influence the business!

Firstly, the amazing Leanne Sheil! She has over 23 years working with magnifiers, low vision aids and lighting, and is wildly passionate about customer service. She has given lectures in Australia and New Zealand to orthoptists, optometrists, optometry students, occupational therapists and more! She loves taking the time to solve a customer’s problem - working out what magnifier or lighting solution best suits an individual and their goals. She is often the oomph behind the business, pushing us forward and exploring new ways we can best serve our customer base. She is enthusiastic about the difference magnifiers and lighting can make in everyday life for just about anyone!

Leanne standing at a conference next to a Daylight lamp

The next team member we will introduce is Brett Sheil. He has over 38 years of knowledge and experience in magnifiers and lighting and loves to help people. He is our expert in dental and surgical loops and often attends universities to assist the dental students. Brett is also amazing at design! He is in charge of our marketing and he designs all our stands for conferences. He is also our whizz when it comes to binoculars and can answer all your questions!
As we are a family business we all take on many roles and so you might hear from Brett if you call us with an enquiry and he might be the one sending off your order. Brett loves solving a problem and helping customers get exactly the right magnification and lighting solution for them!

Brett sitting in an arm chair, using a magnifier and light to aid craft work.

Another crucial part of our team is Rebecca Sheil. Better known as Bec, she is the brains behind our finances - which makes her pretty important! She is in charge of all expenses, bills and invoices, keeping the business side of the business going. Bec is also the whizz behind our website, having taught herself to design, maintain and run it, and we think it looks amazing! While Bec is our admin queen she is also super knowledgeable when it comes to magnifiers and lighting. You might even see her on the stall at a conference or helping educate students at universities. Bec also comes with a secret weapon in the form of a bunny, Flynn is regarded as Magnifiers Australia’s official mascot, and wow is he cute!

A small brown rabbit named Flynn
Finally, the last member of our team is Jaimie Sheil. She is the person behind our social media posts! As Magnifiers Australia’s social media and marketing consultant her job is to share our story, information and products with you. One of her passions is to make the world a more accessible place and she loves seeing people open up their world using magnifiers and lighting to do anything, from everyday tasks to crafts, reading, studying jewels and more! She has been around magnifiers and lighting since she can remember and loves seeing the moment when a customer finds something perfect for them.

Leanne, Rebecca, Jaimie and Brett at wedding

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our team and you will hear from us soon, the next series is on “An intro to magnification”.

4 avatars representing from left to right, Leanne, Rebecca, Brett and Jaimie

Written by Jaimie-Rose Sheil

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